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jeremybear: "I thought most folk only buy contraband gaspers and baccy from any source not known to the authorities.
Jean told him they were penniless but when she'd bought baccy at
Much to the chagrin of the local fun police -though not yet the actual police - the store has been stocking paraphernalia meant for smoking the old wacky baccy, like weed grinders and bongs.
If you're not a fan of country music, don't stick around for this album - after one listen to it, you'll be sitting on a rocking chair, chewing baccy and looking out over your ranch.
The three curses of the working classes are the three Bs - beer, baccy and bingo.
If you want to begin to appreciate the extent to which the game can become a force for good, then read this book - but leave the wacky baccy aside when doing so.
A CIGARETTE," THE OLD saying goes, "is a pinch of baccy wrapped in paper with a fire at one end and a fool at the other.
If Plaid ever get into power then it will be illegal for kids to take crisps & choc 2 skool but ok 4 men 2 go 2 prostitutes & smoke wacky baccy.
Blowin' Up Your Speakers,'' a dreadfully useless sound collage that proves there was a bit too much wacky baccy at these sessions, will spur you to figure out your CD player's edit function.
Although only a very occasional smoker and, bearing in mind the purchase price of a pack of just five half coronas would cost around PS10, l nearly ripped his hand off as l secreted my, presumably contraband, baccy in my shopping bag.
A RIOLEX-wearing fraudster lived in a shabby factory unit with a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom so he could distribute illicit booz eand baccy.
He would neatly fold up his newspaper, pack away his baccy tin and amid waves of farewells from Stan and the others, make his way out of the pub to his bicycle, only Old Jack had a wooden leg.