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This has had a heavy impact on a country where to- bacco accounts for 70% of total exports.
When I inadvertently leave my iPhone on to use the bathroom at Bocca di Bacco, I secretly look forward to hearing what they might blurt out in my absence: Something sneaky amid the ambient noise of the restaurant?
The flavor is very soft, and notes of spice pop up here and there," Matt Bacco said.
officers also found than 60 pouches bacco during the eader of Newcas-City Council, un Nick Forbes, aid: "There are erious health problems caused auses the same ordinary tobacco d with organised crime, so it's vitally important that we, and our communities, do everything that we can to stamp it out.
When Bruce Nygrad [project estimator] from Bacco called, we set up an initial layout and design," recalls Josh Brown, Pro-Tec Equipment's inside sales and Slide Rail Shoring specialist.
Asda Wine Selection Montepulciano d''Abruzzo 2011, made by Cantina del Bacco, also gained an IWSC bronze.
It accepted, on principle, no to- bacco or liquor accounts.
Sir, Martyn Wythers from Embrace Brands (Letters, 20 August, P32) correctly highlights the importance of marketing innovations to the to - bacco industry following restrictions on advertising.
HCP's tobacco use can influence their advice and counselling to their patients towards to- bacco control.
Per di piu egli attinge alcuni elementi concettuali e verbali dal modello greco, il cui influsso si awerte nei dialoghi dei pastori non meno che nel canto di Mopso (22); qui pero non mancano punti innovativi, come i riferimenti enigmaticamente significativi a Bacco e ai suoi riti, che pongono il problema del rapporto di Dafni col culto misterico.
Britain's annual budget fell a month earlier in 2010 than in 2009, bringing forward annual rises in tax on alcohol and to- bacco, which accounted for a third of the increase in the annual rate of CPI between March and April.
All published descriptions, beginning with Adrian de La Fage's, (13) treat the codex as two separate manuscripts bound together; recently Giuliano Di Bacco demonstrated that the two parts must have originally belonged to a single document that was later split in two and whose parts were then reassembled in the wrong order.
The lead singer of U2, who turned up with a 10-strong party and no reservation, ordered copious cocktails for his entourage while waiting for a table at Bocca di Bacco on September 27.
At Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group, which runs Bacco, Red Fish Grill, Jazz Kitchen and Ralph's on the Park in New Orleans, preparation is key.
When it first arrived on Kilmarnock Road, BACCO Italia was located at a smaller premises before moving to its new home - more than four times the size - at numbers 67-69 in June last year.