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Synonyms for bacchant

someone who engages in drinking bouts

a drunken reveller


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(classical mythology) a priest or votary of Bacchus

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It is about the erotic and bacchantic confusion within a small group of American and English people, doing nothing more than nurturing and increasing this confusion to gigantic proportions.
In the course of this episode, the poet swears an oath on her thigh not to reveal the details of the political sewer she shows him, faints at the stench, and awakes in her seductive arms as the nightwatchmen, servants, City elders and the Senate dance in bacchantic revelry, culminating in symbolic castration as the censor lunges towards him with a knife - Er schneidet ins Fleisch - Es war die beste Stelle ('there's a snip - alack
Bacchantic Maidens and Temperate Daughters: A Historical Perspective on Female Alcohol Use.