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Synonyms for babysitting

the work of a baby sitter

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I really enjoy babysitting because not only do I adore kids, I get money.
Timings are flexible and hotels can book the childcare professional for short-term babysitting jobs, as well as full-time child care, as needed during their guests' stay.
The Foster Care Babysitting Certification Training has the potential to strengthen the foster care system and provide much needed support to thousands of foster and adoptive families, said Child Protective Services Associate Commissioner Kristene Blackstone.
was running babysitting services at her flat at Dubai International City when the incident occurred and the girl fell from a sofa and died in July 2015.
The inquest heard that it was not disputed that she had drunk two glasses of wine earlier in the evening while babysitting at the
Kourtney told Kim that one sister should babysit all the kids, so one can go out or vice-versa, and whichever sister is babysitting should just breastfeed all the kids that are there.
Babysitting is something that will always be needed but it can be done very wrongly.
Preschool, Day Care and Babysitting in a peaceful location.
A BADLY behaved college student discovers that babysitting isn't the breeze he thought it would be in this foul-mouthed comedy from director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Your Highness).
Summary: An 18-year-old man has been charged with the murder of a teenager who was stabbed to death while babysitting her young niece and nephew.
I like her kids but I'm tired of being a free babysitting service.
The cop said he could only recall babysitting the girls twice and said the allegations against him were untrue.
While they aren't the first kids to kick around vacation cash-raising ideas, of course, Brian Hatch and Will Moore put some unusual spin on their B and W Babysitting partnership.
Accordingly, he endeavors to give readers a simple model to enable us to grasp his prescription for our current disorders: a system devised by a group of parents to establish a babysitting pool.
When a new baby comes along your social life inevitably suffers but make quality time for you and your partner by setting up a babysitting circle.