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Synonyms for babyhood

the early stage of growth or development

the earliest state of immaturity


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not unkindly meant, but deeply felt) of her youth and little figure, what humble consciousness of her own babyhood and want of strength, even in the matter of lifting and carrying; through how much weariness and hopelessness, and how many secret tears; she drudged on, until recognised as useful, even indispensable.
At length, when this determination had been announced half a hundred times, the old lady suddenly bridling up and looking very majestic, wished to know what she had done that no respect was to be paid to her years or station, and that she should be obliged to beg and pray, in that way, of her own nephew, whom she remembered about five-and-twenty years before he was born, and whom she had known, personally, when he hadn't a tooth in his head; to say nothing of her presence on the first occasion of his having his hair cut, and assistance at numerous other times and ceremonies during his babyhood, of sufficient importance to found a claim upon his affection, obedience, and sympathies, for ever.
As regards its interior life, a large, dim looking-glass used to hang in one of the rooms, and was fabled to contain within its depths all the shapes that had ever been reflected there,--the old Colonel himself, and his many descendants, some in the garb of antique babyhood, and others in the bloom of feminine beauty or manly prime, or saddened with the wrinkles of frosty age.
From babyhood until the time of her death, when the poisoned arrow of Kulonga had pierced her savage heart, Kala had represented to the English boy the sole object of love which he had known.
Accustomed from her very babyhood promptly to do the thing that could be done-- whether to keep out weather, to ward off cold, to postpone hunger, or what not--she started out of her meditation, and ran home.
His son, he affirmed, had resembled him amazingly from his earliest babyhood.
There's a scene here where Bell and her deeply weird, smothering parent go into therapy -- and the therapist unexpectedly turns on Bell (it's supposed to be funny), listing all the pains mothers have to put up with from daughters, from babyhood onwards.
It starts from babyhood, with onesies featuring pretty princesses and future presidents.
As little ones grow, develop and explore their world, it's essential that parents seek out a detergent that can tackle the messes that come with babyhood, company officials say.
Activities included the cycle of life from babyhood through to old age.
Shamcey realized soon enough that childbirth was not the end, but just the beginning of the travails of babyhood.
From his babyhood he has special talents--he is especially brave, and can understand what animals are thinking.
This canal is the path the testicles take when they descended into the scrotum in babyhood.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the award of the "project management education at the day nursery and municipal services babyhood.