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an enclosing framework on casters or wheels

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Izzard said she returned from the kitchen where she had gone to check on some food to find Josh had fallen and was slumped next to a baby-walker truck and a toy garage.
Charley is using a baby-walker and I can see in my mind that she'll be running about, although maybe not until she's five or six.
Fiona said: "Once he was in a baby-walker and we forgot to put any socks on his feet.
The youngster picked up the substance from a coffee table as he waddled round Scott Dillon's Fort William home in a baby-walker.
He lowers himself to the floor and hauls himself along on his knees, clutching a baby-walker.
From baby-walkers, which help your little one stand up and take their first steps, to plastic drums, which help unleash their musical talents, to arts and crafts to stimulate their creativity and imagination and shape sorters which exercise their problem solving skills - toys can really boost your child's development.
Stretching positions are practised to combat stresses of everyday life which mean that babies are confined in all sorts of contraptions from push chairs to baby-walkers.
SCARE stories about baby-walkers are the latest manifestation of today's crippling, nanny mentality.
Banning baby-walkers because they are "dangerous" is about as sensible as saying that all women who use drugs should be banned from having kids.
Baby-walkers may cause serious injury to tots a consumer group warned yesterday.
Baby-walkers may cause serious injury to tots, a consumer group warned yesterday.
BABY-walkers can be lethal because if the minder doesn't have a very hands-on approach, the machine takes over the baby's impetus and can topple over.