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take watchful responsibility for

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work or act as a baby-sitter


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The Youth & Family Services office runs the Red Cross certified baby-sitting course four times a year.
Tutoring or baby-sitting is not the same as running a shop or other commercial outlet out of a residential flat.
to show you are responsible, and you could try being a mother's helper before you start baby-sitting.
But I began thinking about why I dropped everything to help her, and one day I sent her a text saying I wouldn't be baby-sitting any more because I had fallen for her.
She said: "The baby-sitting was very popular - in the end we gave away more sessions to the highest bidders.
To address the problem, a teacher can call the mother and discuss the importance of school while letting the mother know that the teacher understands the importance of the sibling baby-sitting, according to Aymet Chaples, vice president of charter school operations in Florida for ASPIRA Association, a nonprofit national organization devoted to education and leadership development of Puerto Rican and other Latino youths.
An absolute must-have for anyone about to deal with very young children, whether welcoming a new family member or just baby-sitting for a few hours.
But if you're looking for something to see (as long as you haven't been baby-sitting yourself silly), this sequel to Baby Geniuses should provide some fun and, ironically enough, mindless viewing fodder.
My daughter is really keen to get a baby-sitting job to earn extra money.
A MAN who sexually assaulted a child he was baby-sitting has been jailed for 21months.
IT'S difficult knowing where to start with this baby-sitting lark, I've baby sat babies in my time but baby sitting a newspaper column is a very different kettle of fish
And Theresa obligingly rubs elbows with the wealthy by baby-sitting and caring for pets.
The primary, figure of the bunch is Javier Bardem's character, Santa, a scraggly dreamer who is forced to take a baby-sitting job flam a teenager for money.
Shiozawa allegedly smashed the baby onto the floor while baby-sitting the infant at Shiozawa's own home, then in the residence quarters for MPD employees in Tokyo's Minato Ward.
He starts with an analogy, developed by Joan and Richard Sweeney in the February 1977 Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, between a baby-sitting co-op in Washington, D.