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Synonyms for baby-sit

take watchful responsibility for

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work or act as a baby-sitter


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Of course, continuing to baby-sit for her after she told you she couldn't return your feelings wasn't your wisest move.
When Eula May leaves Roberta to baby-sit her dead father while she hurries to her suicide, the house burns to the ground.
You are very right to be cautious as to whether your daughter is old and mature enough to baby-sit, even for a family she may already know.
A rampant flirt and sexual tease, she is the one who hires Santa to baby-sit a neighborhood child in her place.
They hired someone for 10 am-3 pm (the less busy hours) to baby-sit all children in the fully carpeted (even the walls) room.
In fact, he trusted her enough to have her baby-sit Trevor a couple of days a week.
If your mom or dad seems stressed, offer to help with chores, or to baby-sit for a younger sister or brother.
Couples would try to earn more scrip by offering to baby-sit.