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Synonyms for baby-sit

take watchful responsibility for

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work or act as a baby-sitter


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Cynthia Read was late as she left her home in East Preston, West Sussex, to baby-sit her grandchild, she told the jury at the trial of Roy Whiting at Lewes crown court.
The Web site was designed by Erin Britz, a University of Maryland student, whom Roane used to baby-sit. Roane has since become proficient in Microsoft Front Page and designs much of the site herself, although she still gets help from her former charge, who acts as her Web master.
"I can't wait until I'm 12, so I can baby-sit," she said.
It gave me more money and as the months progressed I was asked to baby-sit more and more often.
"But we didn't know it would be this shocking." More surprising to The Buzz is how sweetly the duo is integrated into the film: They baby-sit Sandler's adopted 5-year-old and watch Thelma & Louise just for Brad Pitt's abs.
Your Girl Friday can also accompany you on these trips, and is available to baby-sit for an additional $3 per hour, (given advance notice) after the regular 9 a.m.
But I will probably have to quit having her baby-sit if I have to pay her more than $2 more per hour!
My daughter, who's 40, on the other hand, seems to prefer her friends to us (she's always busy with them or on holiday with them) and never bothers to call us unless she wants something or needs us to baby-sit.
Maybe I should let Tony baby-sit them and I'll take my missus to the pictures."
"You prime the pump for potential contacts and your host doesn't feel he must baby-sit you all night," says Lloyd.
My daughter-in-law had her 1st baby 4 mnths ago, but she's so clingy with him & won't let me or her own mum help look after him or baby-sit. I'm trying not 2 take it personally, but it's hard.
Not long after, she texted the baby's mother saying she could no longer baby-sit for the girl, Casey said.