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having a youthful-looking face

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Although both images were based on the same original, the baby-faced politician was judged as more trustworthy and his peace proposal received greater support than the same offer from the mature-faced politician.
Fox will always be baby-faced Marty McFly from the Back To The Future films.
Little Louisa Lytton, who looks about 12 and who we remember as baby-faced Ruby in EastEnders, joins The Bill (ITV1, Wednesday).
Stover, a baby-faced, 6-foot-8 sophomore, wears size 19 shoes and is a projected 7-footer.
Branded dull by Louis Walsh, 21-year-old former pizza waitress Leona Lewis needed her personality to shine through to steal the public vote from baby-faced Scouser Ray Quinn.
Though the Inuit people initially regarded Maurice as a baby-faced innocent and dubbed him "the Boy," his adaptation to and earnest curiosity about their culture, from their hunting techniques to their language, gained their respect.
On one hand, the baby-faced 50-year-old is praised by antigay conservatives who cite his work in the Reagan and first Bush administrations against Roe v.
Chris Hayes Ashkal Way, Beverley There was plenty of pressure on the slim shoulders of Chris Hayes as he was loaded aboard the heavily backed favourite Ashkal Way before the heritage handicap, but you wouldn't have known it, judging by the confidence this baby-faced Irishman showed.
He thinks he might have found his dream in baby-faced Ichi, a reluctant and guilt-ridden monster who slices people to ribbons with razor-tipped boots.
Looking at this baby-faced man, it's hard to realize his stage career goes back to Nixon's first term, when Tim followed his older sisters Adele and Gabrielle in working for Theatre for the New City, in Manhattan's East Village.
CHRISTMAS shoppers may hold the key to catching a baby-faced mugger believed to have followed a woman through an alleyway before he pounced.
A BUS driver who was attacked by a baby-faced young knife thug said last night he thought he was going to be killed.
Young John and Paul, baby-faced and eager in a Frankfurter or Liverpudlian pub, occupy the exact middle of the scale.
The ballerinas are diverse in their attributes; my favorites are the senior Svetlana Tsoy, a fine stylist though gnarled, and baby-faced, unblemished Natalia Krapivina, who, like most of the character soloists, is first-rate.
The baby-faced 18-yearold will now play at the NIA on February 27 and 28 on his 2013 Believe Tour - his first UK dates for three years.