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Synonyms for baby talk

an adult's imitation of the speech of a young child

the developing speech of a young child


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Still, what has been done suggests that baby talk makes words easier for babies to pronounce and teaches general language concepts.
They also found that 'baby talk' was most effective when a parent spoke with a child individually, without other adults or children around, and the relationship between baby talk and language development persisted across socioeconomic status.
While dolls like Barbie and the fictional Baby Talk N Glow are created for sold to and intended for children Ross reveals that the toy industry lacks much of the innocence of its customers; this is a high stakes world that serves as the backdrop for Ross's exciting novel.
It is very natural for adults to switch to baby talk when speaking to an infant, and its probably no coincidence that the speech style has a practical use.
It boasts a set of artificial vocal chords that allow it to speak baby talk.
There's more baby talk when Peggy realises Suzy is pregnant and insists on toasting the newest Mitchell, even though Phil wants to keep the news under wraps until the 12-week scan.
Kid Creole sings baby talk over zoo sounds and Hawaii guitar on "Off the Coast Of Me" and thinking back to baby me, that would have been my favorite song and for my first Hanukkah I would have asked my parents to get me a mobile that played it when it spun above my crib.
Explaining various etymologies, word histories, word creations and word deaths, they cover such topics as baby talk, back-formations, neologisms, nonce words, euphemisms, prefixes and suffixes.
Berck, Judith, Before Baby Talk, Signs and Signals, New York Times, January 6, 2004
They have now launched "Berlitz Baby Talk & Tunes", two new series of language oriented audio CD titles in English or Spanish.
magazine enough to reply "yes" to some very personal questions, such as received a gift of intimate apparel from a member of the opposite sex (10 males, 21 females), used baby talk with a lover (11 males, 23 females), broke wind while lying in bed beside a sleeping partner (35 males, 32 females), engaged in sex out of doors (14 males, 22 females) and thought of another person during intercourse (16 males, 9 females).
Planned parenthood, prenuptials, prearranged funerals--always this hopeful notion that we might prefeel the feelings--the untidy, potentially embarrassing dynamics of birth and love and death and grief; the blubbering and baby talk, the sense that these unpredictable, existential events might be turned into manageable retail experiences with numbers and prices that always add up.
Kirstenography," for instance, appropriately blends Joycean permutations and baby talk to create surprising phrases that are fun to pronounce.
Next Breazeal talks baby talk, cooing like a new mother.
The truth is, baby talk is actually very good for kids," Viselman maintained, explaining that the baby talk on the show sparks recognition in young viewers, encouraging them to make their own sounds and thus to speak earlier.