baby minder

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a person who looks after babies (usually in the person's own home) while the babys' parents are working

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Marjorie, who was serving nine months for criminal damage, said Mary must have been 21 or 22 when she became a jail baby minder.
Look out for the fine period furniture, the Elizabethan baby minder post and signatures of 19th century visitors scratched in the windows.
It's possible they think you are more than happy to act as housekeepers and baby minders, but unless you make it clear you need more time to yourselves, then they will continue to call on you.
The club is to open a CRECHE and hire baby minders and a security firm so that more wives can go to games.
BABY MINDERS: Val Gibson (left) and Vicky Smith (right), of Ove Arup, with baby unit manager Elizabeth Gallen.