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LOOKING GOOD: The Baby Grand tram, above, and, below, before restoration
If anyone has a baby grand they would be willing to donate to the home we would be very grateful - it doesn't have to actually work.
The People's Theatre has a lot of resources, but we do not have a baby grand piano.
Ian Ward from Clayton Square Shopping Centre with their baby grand piano that needs a new home
Paul then signed our baby grand piano which is slowly gathering names of the rich and famous.
Ages 8-12 will appreciate this story of one Zoe, who has big musical plans and dreams of getting a glossy baby grand piano--but gets an old organ instead.
I know that my daughter-in-law doesn't like me holding my baby grand - son because of it, but my son is always handing the lad to me.
Privia digital pianos, the newest digital piano line from Casio, offer a second-generation spring-less hammer system similar to those used in grand pianos, resulting in a sound practically identical to a baby grand piano.
They're laid out during the cocktail hour in the Seattle Club Car, which is outfitted with a baby grand piano.
A baby grand piano is among the lots going under the hammer at a charity auction in Huddersfield.
5 teachers--not to mention the cost of big-ticket items like practice pianos and a baby grand for performances.
Finally, composer Jose Maria Serralde made a dramatic sound track, played by a lone piano player whose reflection is captured in the shiny black lacquer of an adjacent baby grand piano fabricated by Bosendorfer (which sounds like "evil villages" in German).
The 754 lots were from the rock star's Cotswold mansion Quarwood and included a fibreglass suit of armour, a mahogany baby grand piano, a pinball machine and two 'comical' skeletons.
Among the items up for grabs are Entwistle's record collection, a baby grand piano - and two skeletons that the guitarist used to scare visitors to the 50-acre estate.
Featuring access to an upscale health club, the handsomely appointed room is under development to offer residents a movie theater quality private screening room with advanced projection screen and club chairs, multiple seating areas, a billiards room, baby grand piano, library, game room, and wireless internet access.