baby carriage

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a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

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So I helped the young mother haul the baby carriage off into a some room until the older gentleman got by.
So it's probably true that more people recall a baby carriage, rolling unattended down a long flight of steps -- its infant passenger destined for the same fate as its unfortunate mother -- than the name of the film in which it appeared.
It is subtle but tells women we must always look our best when we leave the house, be on a permanent diet in that elusive quest to be the thinnest and make sure everything is plucked, waxed, painted, girdled, manicured and on stilettos even while pushing a baby carriage, and if we demand to enter into men's space we will at least present ourselves as they demand.
He's pulling a baby carriage behind him, taking his time, when he sees an unusual sign on the building.
Lo has reportedly also put a request for a double baby carriage on her baby shower registry.
Like Fishman, Lou Barrett uses the heartbreaking image of a baby carriage to depict our latest conflict--Iraq.
A train in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, on Thursday traveled about 140 meters with the crew apparently unaware that a baby carriage was stuck in a car door, police and railway operator Nankai Electric Railway Co.
Journalist Madden has an ear for good dialogue and an eye for extraordinary period photographs and illustration, including truly impressive cars (once they grew out of that baby carriage stage), plucky drivers, and the aforesaid Haynes and Appersons as they learned how to build cars the hard way.
As she pushed a baby carriage holding her three-month old son, Yosef, she said, "We will not forget, and we have won.
We had a ritual of walking along sidewalks pushing my baby sister's baby carriage outside the military base where we lived, whose old apartment buildings had, I now understand, only recently belonged to Palestinian Arabs.
Customers sat in a wooden toboggan or baby carriage, hands tightly holding onto the hand-rail, feet jammed against the side of the carriage, and flew down over the cliff.
That's probably more than anyone would need on a baby carriage, and the manufacturer, AirLoc, is selling the supports for machines and presses with forces of 3,000 tons or more.
The handles of the flatware are etched with such sayings as "open wide," "sweet pea," "butterfly kisses" and "cutie pie," and feature etched and embossed designs, as well as such whimsical items as an airplane, a baby shoe, a baby carriage or a choo-choo train on the very end.
Parents were instructed that when crossing the street, it is safer--and more visible--to walk alongside a baby carriage than to push it in front.