baby buggy

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a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

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Over the course of the Change for Good promotion, Baby Buggy distributed 1.5 million Seventh Generation Free & Clear diapers through its national partner network in California, Colorado, D.C., Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Texas and Washington.
A baby buggy which left between the tax office building and Istanbul Police Department caused panic among local residents.
Despite the incriminating photo and evidence of further partying, the couple not only appeared happy and united at the Baby Buggy event but they were also spotted up around the Hamptons on Sunday this time with the kids and a camera crew in tow while they are apparently shooting scenes for the reality series.
De Leon then blurted, "new baby buggy," which proved to be the correct answer.
Grammy-nominated music group Trout Fishing in America presents Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, a family-friendly album of zany songs with silly lyrics and catchy tunes.
The prosecution claim Smith set fire to a baby buggy in a communal hall, trapping the family upstairs when a fire took hold.
The 25-year-old footie star tenderly held his son in his arms, as Rocuzzo - who already appears to have snapped back into shape following the birth last month - took charge of the baby buggy, the Daily Mail reported.
However, I wonder if it will lead to even more examples of vehicles being parked partially or wholly on the pavement, forcing pedestrians, baby buggy and wheelchair users to risk using the road.
The chassis of a baby buggy was firmly jammed between the open car door and a concrete post.
Then Ross turns up, having been tipped off by Freddie, who's planted a wad of cash in the baby buggy - and the notes match the missing charity money.
BABY BOOM: A baby buggy sold on an internet auction in Germany came complete with a working loaded handgun.
Neither the driver nor conductor noticed the right handle of the baby buggy sticking out of the car door.
In addition infants will be allowed to check one bag, plus a collapsible baby buggy, into the aircraft hold free of charge in all classes on all routes.