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a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

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Baby buggies often make it very difficult for passengers to board buses.
All of my male ancestors were carpenters, save for my grandfather, who built baby buggies in Germany before he took off for America, possibly to find better work in making tires.
The deck is a mere 33 centimeters above ground, lower by 45 cm than several old types of streetcar running in the city, enabling passengers in wheelchairs, those with baby buggies and elderly people to get on and off more easily.
10k Run is the Centerpiece of This Year's Race, But Baby Buggies Sport Big Fan Base
A stroll through the city centre will reveal hordes of 25-stone muffin-topped mothers using their baby buggies as walking-frames.
HAVE to confess to a sneaking sympathy for this Berlin cafe, which has banned baby buggies.
Inspector John Smith, of the Killingworth Neighbourhood Policing Team, which is behind the scheme, said: "It's all too easy for some to leave their purse on view with their bag open or left unattended in shopping trolleys or on baby buggies.
It was smuggled in from Morocco hidden in baby buggies.
THERE is a simple answer to the problem of big baby buggies on buses.
A situation like one woman - played by Michelle Collins -going supermarket shopping at midnight, so she doesn't have to see any baby buggies, feels like an anecdote picked up by the episode's writer and is all the more affecting for that.
Mr Hall said: "I am going to upgrade my car and my wife is expecting, so the rest will come in handy for things like baby buggies as well.
Beautiful' Kings Heath writer Samantha Brick calls for baby buggies ban 3.
Nova decided speak out in an effort to catch the man who lashed out on the No 85 in Kingston, Surrey, after their baby buggies became entangled.
THE theft of baby buggies has almost doubled in the past year as the value of the UK's pushchair "black market" rocketed to pounds 60million.
The new path will be easier for people with wheelchairs and baby buggies and link with the footpath on Front Street.