baby bird

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young bird not yet fledged


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Paleontologists believe that the ancient baby bird weighed a mere 0.
To be exact, scientists have placed the baby bird as a member of the enantiornithes, a major group of birds that existed in the Cretaceous period some 145.
When darkness fell and the baby bird was still trying to leave the nest, June decided she would have to do something or he would not survive the night.
It is Betty who cuddles Baby Bird and sings of love.
If you handle baby birds, their mother will reject them.
When she led her team to victory at the 1998 National Poetry Slam, Olson was a baby bird, all stubbly hair and potential.
The excitement of bringing home a baby bird can give way to the realization that caring for it is a chore, Cooper has observed.
In the magical way of Russian folk tales, the kind brother manages to triumph over his challenges, thanks to the act of saving a baby bird, whose grateful mother grants him his wish to understand the language of the feathered species.
The seven-month-old girl was born 12 weeks early and weighed less than a pound, her body no bigger than a baby bird.
BABY BIRD, Cousteau and Coldplay (right) are just three of the top acts lined up for what promises to be one of the best Songwriters' Festivals ever.
The telling is a child's-eye memory of simple things like lots of cats, a baby bird made well, and the artistic clutter of two very productive people.
MYTH: If you touch a baby bird, your scent will keep the parents from returning to the nest.
Obuchi also said Emperor Akihito expressed his delight at the hatching of the chick, adding that the baby bird will be "reared carefully as a symbol of Japan-China friendship.
the dark red mouth of her pussy, like a baby bird waiting for its worm.
If little Sam or Sally finds a baby bird on the ground and brings it into the house, parents can explain to the child that the baby is fine and will spend some time on the ground before it can fly.