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The experiences in Mongolia are humorous, with an imperious rooster checking out the surprised baby's bed.
Mona Hatoum's Incommunicado is a cot made of metal and wire, more a prison than a baby's bed, and Robert Gober's Tilted Play Pen is similarly unsuitable.
4 : a framework or support resembling a baby's bed in appearance or use <a phone's cradle>
These are very easy projects and lend to both baby's bed and improving basic quilter skills.
A note of hope is introduced in the play: Tshepang (meaning: hope) is seen as a saviour of this community (also indicated by the subtitle of the play: "The Third Testament"), while the theme of love--perhaps unconventionally--also constantly surfaces in the characters' dialogue (Simon's declaration of love for Ruth) and actions (Ruth's desperate carrying of her baby's bed on her back through-out the play).
For a really personal final touch, you could create a patchwork cover for your baby's bed that can grow as he or she does.
Yes, I do believe that a cat would jump into a baby's bed to cuddle, but I have never heard of a baby being suffocated.
To my horror, she flicked up the wheel locks on Baby's bed, as efficiently as she had done the opposite all that time ago when I first sat on the bed.
You may find a carry-cot easiest to store as the stand folds flat; you can also use it for baby's bed, and the frame can support his bath.