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a woman's headscarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chin

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She carries a basketful of gifts that she gives out on her travels including her famous painted dolls and so it is that in Russia and eastern Europe Babushka is the one who leaves presents for children at Christmas.
Players need to answer a true or false question to open each Babushka.
It's all to do with Babushka, the new game show Rylan's presenting.
Host Rylan Clark-Neal on the set of Babushka - a high-stakes game show with a simple objective: find the money hidden inside 10 giant Babushka dolls and keep it
Each photo (shown here) depicts a grandmotherly looking woman, head covered by a babushka, holding up pictures of Lenin and Stalin, or a Soviet WWII-era propaganda poster.
Sara Cox and Scott Mills will be covering the semi-finals on BBC3, with Humperdinck popping by to share his opinion on the potential competition, which will include Irish quaffed twins Jedward and Russia's Babushka grannies.
The blends have catchy names, including KGBlend, Svoboda, White Nights and the Babushka Blend.
At Villa Babushka, the boutique located in an old villa on Ismail Mohamed Street which sells both local and international furniture and clothes brands, hosted a fashion show.
Meanwhile Yorkshire beauty Georgie Henley declared: "I was Babushka the Russian Granny
A stitched babushka stacks up as a pretty 'n' playful detail for knits.
Brocade coats and dresses were paired with black fur Russian hats, while intricate paisley prints brought to mind traditional folk art found on Babushka dolls.
Think of it: You're coming out of a showing of Dreamgirls, and some fat Russian grandma in a babushka waiting on the sidewalk taps you on the head.
His choices had a Russian Babushka doll-like effect, with another property always seeming to emerge from inside the previous one.
Then there was also Babushka Fanya, Auntie Bea's mother.
On the other hand, the collapsing of time and space incarnated in the nested Babushka dolls Christof brings with him in his suitcase from Berlin ("truth is hiding another truth, is hiding another truth, is hiding another truth .