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used as a Hindi courtesy title


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Director Baboo said it illustrates the faith of a devotee -- PN Balram is an ardent devotee of Guruvayurappan (a well-known Krishna temple in Kerala).
Neither the 'Khakis nor their subservient 'Baboo's had the capacity to lead the nation.
Founder of Baboo, Annie Hanbury, concocted The Flu Buster Sorbet, which is made of orange and lemon juice for Vitamin C, honey to soothe the throat, and a kick of cayenne and ginger to clear the airways, as a tastier way to soothe coughs and colds.
I remember Manong Ed also as dance partner to another Baguio Writers Group stalwart, Baboo Mondonedo, during one of our Christmas parties.
The shows feature Welsh singer-songwriter Sweet Baboo as very special guest plus supporting slots from Heavenly artist and former Welsh Music Prize nominee H.
In Flood of Fire, Ghosh reacquaints readers with several characters introduced in Sea of Poppies, including Neel Rattan Haider, Zachary Reid, Paulette Lambert, and Baboo Nob Kissin.
Love School Life was the brainchild of 12th year student Anirudh Baboo, 18, who wanted to depict his struggle in managing between the school's heavy course load and tuition classes to score high grades.
Sweet Baboo (7.30pm) Sam Fender (6.30pm) The Lake Poets (5.30pm) Paul Freeman (4.30pm) Solareye (3.30pm) Suntrapp (2.30pm) James Kruman (1.30pm) LIBERTY'S ?
The Mas Mas event, featuring artists such as Euros Childs and Sweet Baboo, was due to take place on Thursday.
The victims were identified as Nareesh Baboo, Avinash and Mohammed Sohail Ali.
Sweet Baboo, The Moon Club, Saturday, 6.30pm Sweet Baboo filling a tiny venue to its sweating capacity has become as regular a Swn fixture as a hangover.
Bilore's personal secretary Noor Ahmad Baboo and senior area police officer Abdul Sattar Khattak were among the six others killed in the attack, provincial Information Minister Mian Iftkhar Hussain said.
Sweet Baboo, Sat, The i Stage Colwyn Bay-raised Stephen Black ploughs an excellent furrow in short, simple blasts of pop pleasure.
Four child artists-Harsh Mayar for the film "I am Kalam", Shantanu Ranganekar for the film "Champions", Machindra Gadekar for the film "Champions" and Vivek Chabukswar for the film "Baboo Band Baaja"-were awarded the National Award.
Darwin Airline, Baboo Swiss regional carrier Darwin Airline is to take over services and assets of Geneva-based Baboo, effectively consolidating the two operations.