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Synonyms for babble

Synonyms for babble

to talk rapidly, incoherently, or indistinctly

to talk volubly, persistently, and usually inconsequentially

incessant and usually inconsequential talk

Synonyms for babble

gibberish resembling the sounds of a baby

utter meaningless sounds, like a baby, or utter in an incoherent way

flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise

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Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z may not be as entertained by the list, that Babble.
Babies start to lip-read when they learn to babble," Lewkowicz says.
With that platform, the Babble Top 100 mom bloggers possess a powerful sphere of influence, generating a combined unique monthly viewership of more than 50 million.
I can assure you I have learned to discard such talk and declarations as psychological babble.
All the talk and workshops, usually staged during expensive stays at plush hotels and bars, would fit nicely into a bag we should label "meaningless babble.
Once all the political babble is safely out of the way, it will be time to start with the World Cup babble.
Baby birds babble away before mastering their adult song, researchers reported in the latest edition of the journal Science.
He's tired of all the babble, prayer chants and all the din,
According to the company, BabbleStick is a 256MB USB memory stick preloaded with the Babble VoIP software.
But it doesn't make a lot of boring druggie babble any more interesting to sit through.
Multitalker babble was presented from four loudspeakers in the four corners of the room.
The Books and Babble reading group is held on the third Thursday of each month.
The confusion increased with the babble of videos from room to room: Pascal Lievre's political phrases sung to pop tunes, Abba Mao, 2001, and Lacan Dalida, 2000, in the first and second rooms, respectively, were only a few steps from Frederic Lecomte's edited porn video and film clips, also in the second room, which looked like colored Rayograms.
THE 2006 FEDERAL BUDGET IS SLIGHTLY LESS THAN six gazillion pages of eye-straining statistics, outlandish bureaucratic acronyms, and unspeakable Orwellian babble, bound in no-nonsense government blue and suitable for months of obsessive home study or as a sturdy bludgeon against domestic intruders.
Bain too often indulges in the sort of management babble which includes such phrases as "core business".