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a small cake leavened with yeast

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The robbery resulted in a shootout between the robbers and SAPS bodyguards, which left the 19 year-old suspect dead, and Baba injured.
The accused told police he entered the house of Baba Nazir at night and slit his throat with a knife while he was sleeping.
Ali Baba wrote short stories, TV plays and a novel Moenjodaro, a critically acclaimed piece of writing for its unique technique, unparalleled imagination and poetic diction.
Baba Srichand renounced world, contrary to what Guru Nanak taught to his devotees.
The High Court has ordered accused Baba Virender Dev Dikshit to appear before it.
Professor Abdul Waheed Khan, chairman Pashto department who was also chief guest at the event said that at least six scholars had earlier completed their research thesis on various aspects of Hamza Baba but Kalim Shinwari did his research on different topic.
As a Qatari, it is a matter of pride for me to be part of the success story of Baba Chapatea, which is a completely homegrown Qatari brand.
Shankaracharya, who is known for his bitter opposition to Hindus worshipping Sai Baba, said he did not deserve to be worshipped at all.
It is alleged that Sura Baba and his two sons were involved in real estate business in the area on the pretext of running the ashram.
Sugerindo que o universo da familia e idealmente composto por apenas um dos termos de cada uma dessas oposicoes (intimidade, afeto e doacao), nao sendo receptivo aos demais (desigualdade, profissionalismo e remuneracao), a expressao "como se fosse da familia" parece talhada para englobar tanto o que inclui quanto o que exclui a baba da familia.
McCoola's storytelling masterfully blends Masha's independent spirit and her dependence upon her memory of her grandmother and her stories of Baba Yaga.
PREVIEW Ali Baba TALISMAN THEATRE, KENILWORTH CAN Dame Fatima Fandango and Mustapha Screwloose stop arch-baddie Asbad and his 40 thieves from plundering the palace?
Even though, Haji Baba was into weaving and selling carpets, he slowly tried his luck in making caps.
Pieter Baba, a shift leader at Silverwoods Country Estate, drove to the athlete's house and saw lights on inside after two neighbours called security.
This beautiful collection of twenty-nine illustrated fairy tales lovingly portrays Baba Yaga.