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child's word for a sheep or lamb

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The unexpected 18th century costume of Pretty Baa-Lambs, a painting which now seems most interesting for its rendering of a quintessential English landscape with what looks suspiciously like an industrial haze on the horizon, apparently regects an artistic vogue of the time.
Danaher the DRIP driver has chauffered me from one disaster to the next this summer, while poor Mrs Rolfe, the cleaning lady, has been in tears as I recalled the baby baa-lambs dying in my arms at Pirbright, or sticking my fingers into dykes in Worcestershire, asking the moo-cows in Essex to say "aah", and administering Lem-Sip to the collected fowl of Diss.
My favourites are the baa-lambs but I like the stinky pigs as well.
We took our kids round to stamp about the place and go "ooh" and "aah" at the fluffy baa-lambs.
But why customers should be flocking to buy blow-up baa-lambs is beyond her.
Spring is sprung, little fluffy bunny rabbits are peeking out of their holes and little baa-lambs are a-gambolling the in the meadows.