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Synonyms for baa

the cry made by sheep

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cry plaintively

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Due to make a final report on BAA airport ownership in the first part of next year, the commission will consult on proposed remedies it made yesterday.
The commission said separate owners of the main London and Scottish airports would do a better job than BAA, which has faced criticism of late because of delays, baggage problems and the shambolic opening of Heathrow's Terminal 5.
BAA came under intense criticism from the airlines in the aftermath of the terror alert, involving an alleged plot to blow up transatlantic planes.
The Directors of BAA accept responsibility for the information contained in
The value of BAA soared overnight as a midnight deadline for Ferrovial to table a new offer led the British company into talks with both bid teams.
Andrew Barker, easy Jet planning director, said the airline looked forward to providing "overwhelming evidence" showing that BAA was not acting in the interests of the travelling public.
Heidi Ann Slavik will serve as administrative assistant for BAA Cleveland.
This event will provide business owners and other key regional stakeholders with a better understanding of how they might participate in the concessions at the AIRMALL, what business ventures or partnerships might be available, and how to go about doing business at the airport," said Mark Knight, president of BAA USA, the parent company of BAA Boston.
BAA, heavily criticised for the standard of services at its seven UK airports, has already put Gatwick up for sale.
Dropping the BAA name marks a symbolic break with the company of the past.
The Competition Commission (CC) had originally ruled that BAA must sell Gatwick, Stansted and one of its Scottish airports following an inquiry into the company's airport ownership.
BAA said yesterday: "We still believe that the CC ruling fails to recognise that Stansted and Heathrow serve different markets.
Ryanair dismissed the absurd comments of BAA CEO, Colin Matthews, who this week claimed that Stansted was a barometer of UK consumer spending and added when the UK consumer is confident again, we ll see growth quicker there than anywhere else .
AIRPORTS operator BAA has lost its appeal at a tribunal against a ruling that it must sell Stansted Airport, the Competition Commission said.
British airport operator BAA offered ground staff a 2% pay rise plus a one-off payment of at least 500 pounds ($781), averting strikes which had threatened to close major UK airports, the Unite union said.