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occurring singly

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Interrupted IVC with azygous continuation usually does not result in physiologic abnormality and clinical manifestation but can complicate cardiac catheterization, interventional procedures like radiofrequency catheter ablation and surgical procedures like bidirectional glenn operation (BDG) and Fontan.
Almost all patients with MIH have a single or azygous anterior cerebral artery.
These were categorized based on the following echocardiographic criteria: a diagnosis of left atrial isomerism was made if there was an interrupted inferior caval vein with azygous continuation and anterior located descending aorta according to azygous vein, and a diagnosis of right atrial isomerism was made if the inferior caval vein and aorta was both located on the right or left side of the spine in parallel anteroposterior orientation (8,9).
They reported that those with narrowed azygous veins tended to have the most aggressive clinical course.
It contains the heart, which is enclosed by the pericardial sac, great vessels related to the heart such as the aorta and vena cava, and the azygous venous system.
Nausea and syncope are due to low cardiac output following inferior caval compression at the bifurcation (complete in 90%, with variable patency of collateral ascending lumbar and spinal canal veins to the azygous veins), while the foetal effects (4,5), including foetal heart rate changes irrespective of the presence or absence of maternal hypotension (6), are also secondary to aortoiliac displacement (usually to the left) and aortoiliac compression (most marked across the lumbar lordosis at L3-5 and exaggerated by uterine contraction) (7,8).
Azygous bounced back to form with a game victory at Folkestone last time and a 6lb penalty might not stop him following up in the friday-ad.
MORNING rain almost led to the withdrawal of Azygous in the opening sprinth and icap at Folkestone, but trainer Jon Akehurst held his nerve and was rewarded as Alan Munro brought the five-year-old home a length clear of the field.
Frontonasal: FN--a single large median shield lying between the frontal and posterior internasals; the azygous prefrontal of Boulenger (1885) or the prefrontal of Stejneger (1904).
Rider Ashley Hamblett got Dodaa settled and he just had to be given a nudge turning for home before the 9-2 shot lengthened away to beat Azygous seven lengths in a time well below standard.
Erasistratus described the auricles of the heart, cardiac valves, blood vessels, including the aorta, pulmonary artery and veins, hepatic arteries and veins, renal vessels, superior and inferior vena cava, and the azygous vein.
Like Hannon, Rod Millman has a five-strong entry in the five-furlong contest, including Phantom Whisper and the unbeaten Azygous.
She won at Warwick in between, but was short-headed by Azygous back on the all-weather at Lingfield a week ago, when she had to be switched for her effort and only just failed to get up.
The duct travels cephalad through the esophageal hiatus of the diaphragm and along the anterior thoracic vertebral surfaces between the aorta and the azygous vein.