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occurring singly

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Venous return is via the left-sided azygous or occasionally hemiazygous vessels, as seen in this case.
Almost all patients with MIH have a single or azygous anterior cerebral artery.
Like Hannon, Rod Millman has a five-strong entry in the five-furlong contest, including Phantom Whisper and the unbeaten Azygous.
She won at Warwick in between, but was short-headed by Azygous back on the all-weather at Lingfield a week ago, when she had to be switched for her effort and only just failed to get up.
The duct travels cephalad through the esophageal hiatus of the diaphragm and along the anterior thoracic vertebral surfaces between the aorta and the azygous vein.
nasicus nasicus (nine or more azygous scales and separation of postnasal and oculars by loreals) rather than H.
Recent studies have shown that CCSVI (Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency), a condition in which the jugular and azygous veins, which drain blood from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body, are narrowed, malformed, missing or otherwise blocked, could be a cause for MS.
These studies have used color Doppler ultrasound to demonstrate obstructive anomalies of extracranial veins, such as the internal jugular and azygous along with veno-graphic evidence of significant stenoses in venous structures adjacent to the central nervous system.
The persistent leftsided SVC (unopacified) and interruption of the IVC, with azygous continuation, is noted (Fig.
Seven-year-old Azygous was having the 62nd outing of a career and his first run for Gerry Kelly, once one of Mick Easterby's stalwart jockeys.
This victory has probably booked the colt's place in the line-up for Newbury's valuable Weatherbys Super Sprint, alongside stable-mates Phantom Whisper and Azygous.
Venous drainage is through the normal pulmonary veins in 95% of cases, but connection to the azygous, hemiazygous, or superior vena cava has been documented.
Prefrontals usually (50) in contact medially, separated by an azygous scale in 24, by contact of frontal and median frontonasal in 17.
There was collateralization of vessels with reconstitution of the azygous vein and opacification of the distal SVC (Figure 1).