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a toxic colorless flammable liquid organic base with a disagreeable odor

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The newly synthesized low-dimensional network is unique in the sense that the potassium metal ion is forming seven bonds through coordination with the four sulfide ions of thiol moieties of four different thiadiazole rings, one bond with nitrogen atom of azine nitrogens and two bonds with oxygen atoms of two hydroxyl ions observing a distorted pentagonal bipyramidal geometry.
Guillaume, "The Reactivity of Selenium Dioxide Towards Aromatic Aldehydes Hydrazones, Azines and Phenylhydrazones: Carbonyl Regeneration and a New One-Pot Oxidation of Aldehydes to Aromatic Acids," Bulletin des Societes Chimiques Belges, vol.
Time ma azine reports receiving five times as much mail on environmental issues as it did only a year ago.
Vehicles would access the structure via Second Avenue North and Azine Alley.
azine s on o be ales eds "I've always thought that Wales needs the UK just as the UK needs Wales," he said.
They have also been used in a host of interna- tional publications, such as The Washington Post, Time Mag- azine, The London Telegraph and Prince Claus Fund Journal.
It was during an interview that Rym did with Tariq for a magA[degrees] azine that he invited her to join the team.
Site: Time & Life Building, 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020; contact http://members.mag SOCMED&FUNCTIONSTARTDISPLAYROW=1.
AZINE Parry believes the fans can also be of assistance in the vocal department as Rovers seek to secure three survival points at the expense of fellow strugglers from the North East.
You set us a difficult but fun task trying to chose a shortlist of winners following the competition in The People's free Disney insert mag azine last month.
launch a UK version of Grazia, a title started by Mondadori in 1938 as Italy's first women's mag azine.
Bergerud initiallyproposedan eight-story, 125-room luxury hotel and a 70-unit condominium building, which was known by the project name Azine Alley.
"Their experience and quality was better G AZINE than ours, and we knew that before the game but I think Lisbon and Portugal didn't see the best of Everton that time.
Speaking in the April edition of Loaded mag azine, Carragher reveals that being a Scouser makes it almost impossible to switch off when he leaves the training ground.
Even Moneyfacts mag azine is impressed, saying: 'It's well over 10 years since we've seen a savings interest rate in double figures