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the azimuth of a celestial body is the angle between the vertical plane containing it and the plane of the meridian


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Considerable support for this hypothesis comes from the field-to-field differences in corn leaf azimuths recorded over the years following greensnap events (data not shown).
Consequently, the traditional applications of topographic maps for determining distances and azimuths are being replaced by computations from the geographical coordinates of the endpoints.
Estimates of azimuths were easier to judge when two objects were approximately aligned with the viewing vector.
High errors of omission and large errors at azimuths of [+ or -]45 [degrees] and [+ or -]135 [degrees] are particularly alarming.
The six key elements of the Azimuth Approach include: Azimuth DIRECTOR[TM] test executive, an easy-to-use console for test and device management; Azimuth STUDIO[TM] database management software for automated report generation and correlation of test results; a Real2Real[TM] architecture that enables interoperability testing between real world devices; TestMAC[TM] technology to emulate clients and APs and to perform protocol behavior tests; SmartMotion[TM] technology to precisely control virtual motion between devices in the network; and RadioProof[TM] enclosures that isolate the RF environment.
Azimuth's market success with the ACE validates the need for channel emulation as a mainstream tool for performance testing and debugging," said Jeff Abramowitz, vice president of marketing at Azimuth Systems.
Azimuth will demonstrate the ACE 400WB at the members showcase on January 31st at the WiMAX Forum Member Conference in Waikoloa, Hawaii.
Azimuth customers accounted for more than 98% of all Wi-Fi units sold in 2006,according to Sam Lucero of ABI Research.
According to market research firm ABI Research, Azimuth customers account for more than 95% of the Wi-Fi products that ship worldwide.
The introduction of the AzCert Wi-Fi Certification Test Suite for Test Engine-enabled devices reinforces both our vision of seamless connectivity and our commitment to industry standards," said Jeff Abramowitz, vice president of marketing at Azimuth Systems.
Voice over Wi-Fi enabled handsets are proliferating, but they vary greatly in terms of performance," said Jeff Abramowitz, vice president of marketing at Azimuth Systems.
The Azimuth power consumption tester is the first solution that can measure current and voltage in various operational states, allowing vendors to predict average power consumption over the life of a typical battery.