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nocturnal lemur with long bony fingers and rodent-like incisor teeth closely related to the lemurs

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Thus we are introduced to the story of Aye-Aye who always wanted to be in a picture book.
The zoo was the first in the UK to breed and hand-rear an aye-aye, one of the largest nocturnal primates in the world.
Just as many people believe that an all-black cat crossing their path is unlucky, the unnerving appearance of an aye-aye (EYE-EYE) can also prompt fears of bad luck.
Misoatra - Malagasy for thank you - is one of only 43 aye-ayes in captivity worldwide.
A pair of endangered Aye-aye lemurs, imported from Madagascar, were introduced to the public Thursday at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, zoo officials said.
armadillo, giant aye-aye bat (12 species) cat (small, 9 species) cheetah deer (22 species) elephant, Asian gazelle (10 species) gorilla jaguar kangaroo rat (6 species) langur (6 species) leopard, clouded lion, Asiatic manatee, West Indian mandrill marmoset (4 species) monkey (18 species) mouse (17 species) ocelot orangutan oryx, Arabian otter (5 species) panda, giant panther, Florida puma, eastern rhinoceros (5 species) seal (4 species) tapir (4 species) tiger uakari (all species) vole (3 species) wallaby (6 species) whale (7 species) yak, wild zebra, mountain
For more than a hundred years, scientists thought the aye-aye (EYE-eye) was an odd squirrel.
Aye-aye, cap'n: The Lakers coaching staff named O'Neal and Derek Harper co-captains for the 1999 season.
In one, an aye-aye mother and infant peer down placidly from a branch.
It's a baby aye-aye -- the first member of this endangered primate species born in the Western Hemisphere.
But firearms were allowed, more threatening than the teeth of an aye-aye.
It stood less than a foot tall, was capable of jumping between trees and looked like a squirrel with a couple of really long fingers, similar to the aye-aye, a lemur native to Madagascar, Bloch said.
So I went to the Durrell Foundation on Jersey and found it a wonderful experience--all of those interesting animals, and I did see an aye-aye.
4 Suppose an aye-aye were to tap on a tree branch in search of a meaty meal.
Kintana, a Madagascan aye-aye, pictured, is being hand reared at Bristol Zoo Gardens.