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low spreading tropical American shrub with long slender leaves used to make a mildly stimulating drink resembling tea

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when Ayapana, who was in a police uniform and on a motorcycle, accosted her and took her wallet that contained P2,000 cash.
Dos nuevas Compuestas (Asteraceae) de los generos Ayapana y Chromolaena de los Andes Venezolanos.
23 Constipation Whole kolakora (unidentified) plant, in garlic, hingko plant (unidentified), children maju fol (unidentified), whole plants of Eupatorium ayapana Vent.
Shooting mists of stephanotis, ayapana, and opopanax, he had filled the air with smells that he describes as "quasi-fElines, sentant la jupe," evoking women as "un fleur naturel de rires en sueur" (A rebours 223).
Ayunado entre raices de ayahuasca y hojas de Ayapana.