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long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron

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As of mid-2016, Axon (then still known as Taser) had only (https://seekingalpha.
In addition the judge imposed a restraining order preventing Axon from contacting his victim by any means and not to approach him outside the flats where they both live.
Were thrilled to bring the revolutionary ZTE Axon M exclusively to the nations best data network,said Kevin Petersen, SVP of Device and Network Services Marketing, AT&T Entertainment Group.
These investments in artificial intelligence will have an impact on Axon products by making workflows smarter including deep data analysis on the more than 5.
Axon mini has a body made from the same aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that you would find on a Boeing 787 lending it the premium look and feel.
p38 and JNK MAPK pathways are crucial for axon regeneration in C.
Silver's lab, came up with the idea of designing a drug that would help axons regenerate without having to touch the healing spinal cord, as current treatments may require.
The axon tracts were visualised using pan-neural antibodies, Tuj1 mouse (Abcam ab7751; 1: 1000) or rabbit (Abcam ab18207; 1: 1000), and the neuronal populations specifically with anti-HuC/D (Molecular Probes A21271; 1 : 500).
Local application of chondroitinase ABC has been frequently reported to promote axon growth after SCI, but not much progress has been made in treating axon injury patients due to important disadvantages of this enzyme.
Axon was bailed on condition that he does not enter Fairfield Road and does not approach some of his former neighbours who gave evidence at the trial.
To properly form neural circuits, developing axons (long extensions of neurons that make the nerves) need molecules to guide them towards their target, in the same way that road signs guide us when we drive," Pierre Fabre, doctoral student in Charron's team and first co-author of the article, said.
appressa, the vpn from the pedal ventral commissure has two large axon pairs from the bilaterally symmetric PeV1 and PeD7 pedal ganglia neurons.
In sections on axons in development, axonal function, axons and neuronal circuits, and axons and degeneration and regeneration they discuss such topics as subplate and the formation of the earliest cerebral cortical circuits, sodium signals and their significance for axonal function, projection patterns and target specificity in the axon of excitatory neurons in the neocortex, and whether the immune system helps axons regenerate after a lesion in the central nervous system.
AXON Puerto Rico Inc, a partnership between aircraft and engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney and consulting firm HCL AXON, says it expects to hire up to 300 workers by 2011, and ultimately as many as 1,000.
A related Table 1 error is the description of the afferent axon "class" that innervates these Golgi receptors.