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outer membrane covering an axon

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1976) Intramembranous particle distribution at the node of Ranvier and adjacent axolemma in myelinated axons of the frog brain.
Anti-GM1 antibodies bind to the axolemma at the Ranvier nodes and may induce reversible conduction failure, possibly depending on the intensity of local immune reaction, or to complement deposition (10,11).
Primary afferent hyperexcitability results from injury causing modifications of sodium channel turnover in neural membranes, and sodium channels to accumulate in preterminal axolemma, neuroma end bulbs and DRG somata (27-29).
This channel is also present in the axolemma, where it underlies the repolarization phase of the nerve impulse ("action potential"; 4, 5).
IgG and activated complement components bound to the axolemma of the motor nerves in AMAN patients, and that activated complement components bound the outer surface of Schwann cells.