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a shaft on which a wheel rotates

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The program is intended to allow the inclusion of a new Dana(R) 60 axle, with numerous upgrades, into a wide range of applications.
When the ignition is off, Automatic Standby equalizes the suspension pressure, preventing the rear axle from being overloaded.
Vehicle's loading capacity can be increased by adding an extra compatible axle (which can bear that extra load) on the existing vehicle.
Target: Ingersoll Axles/heavy duty axle and suspension manufacturing assets; Standen's/light duty axle manufacturing assets
06 January 2017 - US-based trailer running gear and chassis assemblies maker DexKo Global Inc has acquired the heavy duty axle and suspension manufacturing assets of Ingersoll Axles, along with the light duty axle manufacturing assets of Standen's from the IMT Group, the company said.
Part NSN 3040 Number Item 01-588- HEMTT-A4 Model 95SK340 Kit, brake, 6738 Used on axle #1 and #2 on all shoe & lining HEMTT -A4 models; one kit per EES 1100/600 axle 95SK341 Kit, brake, 6743 Used on axle #3 and #4 on shoe & lining models M977A4, M978A4, M983A4, ES-600 M985A4, M985A4 GMT, M1120A4, M1977A4; one kit per axle 95SK342 Kit, brake, 6745 Used on axle #3 and #4 on shoe & lining model M983A4 LET; one kit per EES 1100/600 axle 95SK343 Kit, brake, 6747 Used on axle #3 and #4 on shoe & lining model M984A4; one kit per axle ES-1100
The truckers had protested the categorisation of three- axle vehicles as multi- axle vehicles, which made them subject to a toll tax of ` 3.
One customer has reported a loss of power to the axle, GM says.
The Request for Adequate Assurance and Later Anticipatory Repudiation American Axle is a Tier One supplier to automotive original equipment manufacturers, including GM, Ford, Chrysler and Harley Davidson.
military will use the full ArvinMeritor axle package including brakes, drivelines, antilock braking systems and transfer cases.
A number of rollers in a line could be used, but a better answer was to mount the roller on an axle attached to the load, or to a platform that carried the load.
Police investigators have detected a crack on the wheel axle shaft of a roller coaster which had been operated alternately with the roller coaster involved in a fatal accident at Osaka's Expoland amusement park in May, police officials said Sunday.
One of the tricks we did to give that perception was we held the centerline of the windshield but we wrapped the A-pillars back so it gives the perception that you're reading from the A-pillar to the axle.
When a wheel rotates, its central axle also rotates.