axis of rotation

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the center around which something rotates

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In the same way that definite integrals are computed by adding an infinite number of rectangles to find the total area, the volume of the solid of revolution related to this region is found by adding the volume of an infinite number of disks created by revolving each rectangle of the region about the axis of rotation. Using f(x) = 2 + sin(x) and choosing the x-axis as our axis of rotation over the interval of x from 0 to 6, we can find the volume generated by revolving the region of f(x) on [0, 6] above the X-axis around the X-axis (or the line y = 0).
Here, the end effector acting force is exerted perpendicularly to the axis of rotation. In other words, if [f.sub.x] = 0, the x component of (1) is
The presence of gravity, acting in a direction perpendicular to the axis of rotation, results in a steady perturbation on the solid-body motion of liquid: central air column has its axis below the axis of the rotating cylinder.
Man may now play a part, but so too do the solar cycle, ocean oscillations, cloud formation, changes in the earth's orbit and axis of rotation, the control of Co2 by the oceans and plate tectonics.
The basic building block of axial angle sensors is the axialC4 cell, where four Hall plates are arranged evenly on a circle that is concentric to the axis of rotation. For good angle accuracy the axialC4 cell needs a diametrically magnetized magnet of rotational symmetry (Fig.
Gastric volvulus can be classified based on axis of rotation, severity (acute or chronic), extent (total or partial) or aetiology (primary or idiopathic).
In other words, 2012 XE54 appears to wobble as it spins, rather like a spinning top precessing around in a secondary direction or non-principal axis of rotation, possibly indicative of its origin as a fragment produced in some collision which may have occurred billions of years ago.
Though much of Mercury is boiling hot, its axis of rotation is nearly parallel to the Sun -- which means the poles of the planet are never hit by the Sun's heating rays.
In 1783 Sir William Herschel detected seasonal variation in the sizes of the polar caps and determined the position of the axis of rotation.
The moment of inertia (I) of a rigid object takes into account the object's mass and how it is distributed around an axis of rotation. More mass concentrated farther from the axis of rotation leads to an increase in I.
This pendulum is suspended on a footing using a pair of two crossed flat springs, which operate as the axis of rotation. The pendulum is equilibrated with an additional astatic spring suspension.
In some cases, buoyant transport of the bubbles toward the center axis of rotation is the physical explanation for removal (4), (7), (8).
Dwyer's team suggests that a slight, Earth-driven wobble in the moon's axis of rotation mixed the liquid core.