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the study of values and value judgments

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Also, "I affirm in an axiologically neutral way that one has to be axiologically neutral.
It is plausible that, while reflexive, much suicide perpetrates the same axiological contradiction evident in LR but, significantly unlike LR, its adjudication remains within the affective, rational and soteric self-understanding of the autonomous agent, axiologically ambiguous just because of the objective indetermination of its causes, and only resolvable in subjective terms.
What is of vital importance here is the fact that in Polish such animal-specific verbs as, for example, zrec 'to eat', zdychac (95) 'to die' and such animal-specific nouns as ryj 'snout', pysk 'muzzle', pazury 'claws', to name but a few, are hardly ever emotionally and/or evaluatively tinted when employed with reference to animals, yet when targeted at humans, that is when they serve to encode the corresponding features, qualities or actions of human beings, they become emotionally and/or axiologically charged, as compared to the evaluative and/or emotional charge of those words that are used exclusively with reference to humans.
This is especially true due to the demand for training and the attaining of a critically-thinking and literate individual, who is able to comprehend the content that he receives and is also able to produce other aesthetically and axiologically correct content.
This endows the adverb less with an axiologically negative shade of meaning, which explains the impossibility of finding a context where much less and still less are used positively.
An ethical dilemma is a situation in which the person does not know how to act because of conflicting beliefs about what is axiologically required.
This movement of distancing the leading role allows the writer to see himself axiologically, that is, by a value judgment.
Here there appears to be two options in confronting this problem of value: either drop human experience as a region of concern within one's materialist metaphysics and then decide to drop value altogether (opting for a radical naturalism and scientific realism), or, situate axiologically experience, objective value, within one's materialist metaphysics and include an account of experience had by the nonhuman other (a "noncorrelationist" phenomenology that is equally materialist and realist).
These are not failures in the normative system, which offers an axiologically sufficient answer, meaning that these gaps are not incongruences in the "plan for realization of values found in the legal system.
I would argue that that ontologically and axiologically, the two hypothetical scholars are identical twins, epistemologically they are fraternal twins, and praxeologically they are siblings, and that this or other topics of interest to communication scholars can be studied empirically, reflexively, qualitatively, and quantitatively.
An apolitical stance is sometimes implicitly deemed to be either inconceivable or axiologically unacceptable.
Like Thom, Zamfir believes that this creation is not axiologically "innocent" or neutral.
This author, unlike the sociologist, carries out an important differentiation a priori, as he considers scientific knowledge to be ethics and axiologically neutral (BUNGE, 1988, p.
The church precedes the world as well axiologically.
Most crucially, an inner situation that is rhythmicized is removed from the epistemologically and axiologically unbounded region of life as experienced by the hero and is consolidated aesthetically by the author with elements that are outside the range of the hero's consciousness.