axillary vein

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a continuation of the basilic vein and brachial vein that becomes the subclavian vein

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The axillary vein should then be followed as proximal as possible, examining for compressibility all along its course.
sup][1],[2] Thus, the axillary vein puncture has been proposed as an alternative technique to the conventional subclavian vein access.
Reference Year Age Sex Volume Onset extracted Dau et al (9) 1977 ND ND ND ND Wun et al (6) 1994 48 M 1200 cc 3 hrs Jones et al (10) 2002 39 F double-dose 4 days extraction (92 min) Leurent et al (2) 2010 47 M 724 cc 14 hrs Rosencher et al (3) 2011 57 M 663 cc 10 mins Reference Presentation Type Dau et al (9) Cerebrovascular Plasmapheresis accident Wun et al (6) Cerebrovascular Plasmapheresis accident Jones et al (10) Axillary vein Plateletpheresis thrombosis Leurent et al (2) Acute Plasmapheresis Myocardial Infarction Rosencher et al (3) Acute Plasmapheresis Myocardial Infarction ND--not documented
Moreover, we usually repair the concomitant vein injury in proximal limb, such as axillary vein, brachial vein and the popliteal vein, which is helpful in keeping the repaired artery open and preventing postoperative edema.
Operative finding was a big matted ALN enchasing the axillary vein but not infiltrating it.
The surgeon repaired a severed axillary vein and punctured axillary artery.
assure proper placement of the catheter when the distal tip is positioned beyond the axillary vein to provide a preliminary reading of a chest x-ray for determining placement of the end of the PICC in the superior vena cava (SVC)
The initial Doppler of his subclavian and axillary vein showed no abnormality, but when it was repeated by an experienced vascular surgeon, it showed a DVT at the junction of the subclavian and jugular veins on the right side.
While it may be a concern that endoluminal control will not allow rapid access to the heart for cardiopulmonary bypass, our planned strategy in this case would be veno-venous bypass from the femoral vein to the axillary vein without sternotomy.
The common subscapular trunk descends medial to the axillary vein and medial root of the median nerve, resting on ventral surface of subscapular muscle under cover of pectoralis minor muscle.
Complications after axillary dissection Minor complications Numbness in distribution of intercostobrachial nerve (70%) Seroma (30%) Reduction in ROM of shoulder (25%) Lymphoedema (depends on the number nodes removed: may be minor or major complication) Major complications (infrequent) Thrombosis axillary vein Injury to motor nerve in axilla
Besides cephalic vein cut-down technique, extrathoracic axillary vein puncture is currently suggested as an alternative technique for venous access to avoid crush injury.
Other causes of lymphedema include (a) metastasis or development of obstructive tumors, such as tumors of the axilla or brachial plexus; (b) lymphangiosarcoma; (c) infection; or (d) axillary vein thrombosis.