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any of the lymph glands of the armpit

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Compared with sentinel node biopsy or axillary node dissection, axillary ultrasonography with FNA cytology is a far less invasive approach to document nodal involvement, involving a simple nonsurgical examination and minimally invasive biopsy.
Left segmental mastectomy along with axillary node dissection revealed the invasive ductal and tubular carcinoma to measure 10mm.
(7) Treatment for PD is typically surgical and often involves mastectomy, with or without axillary node dissection.
[7,11] Several studies have evaluated the response of positive axillary nodes to NACT (Table 1).
Ten-year survival results of ACOSOG Z0011: a randomized trial of axillary node dissection in women with clinical T1-2 NO M0 breast cancer who have a positive sentinel node (Alliance).
There is little debate over whether women with clinically suspect or matted axillary nodes and those with macrometastases present in three or more SLNs require definitive treatment of the axilla.
Until recently, clinical practice guidelines advised complete axillary node dissection--removal of all 20-30 axillary nodes--if a woman's sentinel node biopsy was positive.
Thus, for the first time, the L-PVS approaching the axillary node was shown.
FNAC for a palpable axillary node was done in 190 patients of whom 170 had proven axillary lymph node metastases; the rest had reactive hyperplasia or inflammatory cells in the final histology.
There were tumor deposits seen in 7 out of 12 axillary nodes from levels I and II, while no tumor deposit was seen from a single level III axillary node.
Media Explant type Mean number Mean length Mean number of shoots of shoots (cm) of nodes M1 APX 1.16a 1.93ab 1.72a AN 1.22ab 0.77a 1.16a CN 1.27ab 1.05a 1.66ab M2 APX 1.25a 2.25a 2.31b AN 1.33a 1.27b 1.88b CN 1.22ab 1.02a 2.00a M3 APX 1.15a 1.66b 1.31ac AN 1.05b 0.55ac 1.05a CN 1.47a 0.68ab 1.70ab M4 APX 1.10a 1.62b 1.21c AN l.05b 0.42c 1.10a CN 1.11b 0.47b 1.16b M5 APX l.05b 1.63b 1.26ac AN 1.00b 0.33c 1.00a CN 1.26ab 0.65ab 1.47ab M6 APX 1.12a 3.45a 2.25a AN 1.00a 2.05ab 1.75a CN 1.00a 1.78a 1.57a M7 APX 1.00a 3.30a 1.57b AN 1.00a 2.37b 1.75a CN 1.20a 1.12a 1.20a M8 APX 1.00a 3.00a 1.28b AN 1.00a 0.97c 1.12b CN 1.00a 1.00a 1.00a APX: apex AN: axillary node CN: cotyledonary node Table 4: Effects of the hormonal induction on the rooting of plantlets after 30 days of culture.
Figure 2a depicts the PFS of patients with and without axillary node involvement.
Arm edema was more common after lumpectomy plus axillary node dissection than after lumpectomy alone.
Axillary node dissection is slowly going out of favour for women with early breast cancer because of accumulating evidence that looking for metastases beyond sentinel lymph nodes does more harm than good.