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of or relating to the axil


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of or relating to the armpit

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The favourite nerve transfers to achieve shoulder abduction are spinal accessory to supra-scapular nerve transfer and/or triceps branch radial nerve to axillary nerve.
Electrophysiologic studies were obtained and revealed findings compatible with complete axillary nerve palsy.
Efficacy of axillary nerve block in elbow arthroscopic surgery: a randomized trial.
The patient unfortunately did not recover shoulder abduction and forward elevation as an ENG assessed a complete neurapraxia of the axillary nerve (Figures 2(d)-2(f)).
The next rerouting involved the axillary nerve, which serviced the patient's still-functioning deltoid muscles.
If there is acute anterior dislocation, check for axillary nerve involvement.
Transferring the radial to axillary nerve was originally described in 1948 by Alexander Lurje from Russia.
The posterior circumflex humeral artery descends superficial to the axillary nerve and passed through the quadrangular space.
Independent of the method, the proximity of needle to brachial nerves is important for successful axillary nerve block.
If an entry point inferior to the teres minor muscle (through the quadrangular space) is used, other potential risks are contact with the axillary nerve and the posterior humeral circumflex artery.
Sensory examination of right shoulder to soft touch was diminished in the distribution area of the axillary nerve.
An excisional biopsy of the right axillary mass showed tumor involving axillary nerve.
a) Its disadvantages include a lower probability of blocking the axillary nerve and the cutaneous muscle, compared to the axillary approach.