axillary fossa

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the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulder

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There have been numerous descriptions of muscular variations in the axillary region, in the axillary fossa or in the walls that form it, including Langer's axillary arch which is a muscle-fascial arch that originates in the lateral edge of the latissimus dorsi muscle and passes in front of the axillary vessels and nerves to join the fascia of the coracobrachialis muscle (Ortiz et al., 2009; Stanching, 2016).
Enlarged lymph nodes were at bilateral submandibular areas, right axillary fossa, and bilateral inguinal grooves.
Traditionally, a lymph leakage from upper extremity through the transected axillary lymphatic channels is believed to be an important factor in fluid secretion and seroma formation and postoperative arm use in acting as a pump that forces large quantities of lymph into the empty axillary fossa. [4]
Due to the long distance between the axillary fossa (fossa axillaris) and cubital fossa, the exact location of the origin of the ABMS can be classified into four groups, following the classification of similar variants (brachioradial and superficial brachioradial arteries) proposed by Rodriguez-Niedenfuhr et al., in 2001.
During the postoperative period, pressure dressings on the axillary fossa and flap region were used during the first 5 days.
Both ultrasound (US) and computed tomography (CT) showed lymph node enlargement at the neck, axillary fossa, and inguinal groove.