axillary artery

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the part of the main artery of the arm that lies in the armpit and is continuous with the subclavian artery above and the brachial artery below

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Median, ulnar and radial nerves make a totally consistent triangle-shaped design around axillary artery that can be easily recognised with US.
The sternoclavicular artery, axillary artery, intercostal arteries and thoracic artery, stem from the subclavian artery in this region (Erdogan and Kiline, 2014).
Coexistence of an axillary arch muscle with an unusual axillary artery branching: case report and review.
The most common arterial repairs were to the common carotid (18%) and subclavian (18%) artery, followed by the axillary artery (15%).
When a single injection is used, the anaesthetic is delivered under the axillary artery.
Ligating the proximal part of the axillary artery would block the blood flow to the right vertebral artery.
In the literature, subclavian artery injuries can be classified with either brachiocephalic artery injuries or axillary artery injuries, thus different ratios may be detected.
Before choosing the femoral artery, we made an attempt to prepare the axillary artery of the right front leg.
Brachial arteries were traced proximally to the continuity with axillary artery at the level of lower border of teres major to its termination and further course of bifurcated arteries in forearm to observe any variation.
Incomplete circle of Willis and right axillary artery perfusion.
3) These injuries are more likely to occur with associated fractures of the greater tuberosity or axillary artery injuries.
Occasionally, patients have presented with a mass lesion in other sites, including a few case reports of involvement in the brachial, ulnar and radial arteries, the axillary artery, and the saphenous veins in the ankle.
8220;A knife attack, which sees the radial artery, the carotid artery or the axillary artery being cut or slashed will under normal circumstances lead to a rapid blood loss and can subsequently lead to death,” explains Robert Kaiser.