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the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulder

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The vascularization observed was double: thoracodorsal vessels to the lower and middle fasciculus, while at the level of the axilla branches from the axillary vessels were observed entering directly into the superior fasciculus.
Inverse psoriasis is an autoimmune condition characterized by the formation of well-defined erythematous, shiny plaques at flexural skinfolds, such as the axilla, gluteal cleft, and inguinal area (Fig.
The anatomical locations of the accessory breasts were: 21 in the axilla, 6 in the vulva, and 1 at the back.
Positive Axilla in Breast Cancer; Clinical Practice in 2018.
Temperatures were taken from axilla and tympanic sites on arrival and at subsequent 15 minute intervals until discharge, without researcher manipulation.
A 30 year-old woman presented in February 2013 with a painless solitary, palpable mass in the right axilla for few months.
Caption: FIGURE 1: Photos of pretreatment right-axillary ulcer (a); cutaneous eruptions of LCH at the retroauricular area (b), scalp (c), and under the breast (d); posttreatment (after 4.5 months of imiquimod) status at the right axilla (e).
Two parallel, oval, hypoechoic masses within the lateral axilla, just deep to a visible skin scar from remote axillary dissection showed no internal color Doppler flow and did not display clear echogenic fatty hila.
Three years-seven months old girl presented with a general lack of subcutaneous fat, prominent muscular hypertrophy, hollow cheeks, triangular face, acanthosis nigricans in fold areas, especially in the neck-bilateral axilla, hypertrichosis in arms-legs, abdominal swelling due to hepatomegaly, which are characteristic physical findings of CGL.
This trend poses new challenges in the management of patients with early breast cancer, specifically with regard to decision-making on the management of the axilla and adjuvant radiation.
The ipsilateral axilla was also radiated if required to same dose with postero-anterior field.
Twelve days later, the patient presented with extensively spread erythematous reaction on his left upper and lower back (Figure 1(a)), axilla, flank, and abdomen (Figure 1(b)).
There are few cases of fibroepithelial neoplasm localized in axilla, such as fibroadenomas [1, 2] or less commonly phyllodes tumors [6-8].