axile placentation

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ovules are borne at or around the center of a compound ovary on an axis formed from joined septa

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possible enclosure in a persistent floral tube, a superior ovary with axile placentation, eight locules, loculicidal dehiscence, and possibly two rows of seeds (described as two seeds in each locule, but serial diagrams suggest the condition may be two or more rows of seeds per locule), and an undifferentiated seed coat.
The fruit has axile placentation, seven to 12 locules, loculicidal dehiscence, septa attached to the valves at dehiseence, and ca.
However, the basic condition seems to be axile placentation with a simple septum (type 1), from which the other specialized patterns would have arisen, through different modifications and degrees of complexity of the placentas.
have axile placentation, as is characteristic of nearly all Miconieae (Renner, 1993; Judd et al., 2002; Clausing et al., 2000).
monocephalus), while most Miconieae have axile placentation with expanded and/or somewhat divided placentae.
Ovary 5-locular, with axile placentation, superior; style long, impressed; stigma not expanded.
Ovary 5-locular, with axile placentation and many ovules per locule, superior; style impressed, short to quite long; stigma usually peltate, sometimes also lobed.
Gynoecium bicarpellate, syncarpous, superior, usually unilocular and oriented in the antero-posterior plane; surrounded by nectary-disk or distinct glands; placentation parietal (this occasionally bifid) or rarely free axile, seldom bilocular with axile placentation: style simple and terminal, with entire or bilobed, papillate stigma, rarely style wanting and stigmas decurrent on ovary (Lomatogonium); ovules usually numerous and anatropous.