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the part of the skeleton that includes the skull and spinal column and sternum and ribs

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Vertebral fractures represent the most commonly encountered osseous lesions of the axial skeleton in the peripartum period usually occurring during late pregnancy and early postpartum period while there are isolated reports of fractures related to the delivery process (Figs.
AS is an autoinflammatory SpA, which is characterized by progressive sacroiliitis to the axial skeleton. Osteophyte formation and spine ankylosis are morbid manifestations, which reduce spine mobility and chest expansion.
The axial skeleton consisted of the vertebrae and epineurals, and the median fin supports, including the proximal and distal pterygiophores.
Arthritis in sarcoidosis is usually peripheral, affecting bilateral small and large joints in a symmetrical fashion, whereas axial skeleton involvement is rare (3, 4).
Positron emission tomography-computed tomography (a) shows diffuse marrow uptake throughout the axial skeleton and (b) 3 months later shows significant improvement in the metabolic activity of the bone marrow.
It predominantly arises in the deep tissues of extremities, with only 5% arising from the axial skeleton [3].
Bartonella osteomyelitis most commonly involves the axial skeleton, with several cases reported in the vertebrae, skull, sternum, ribs, and pelvis [1, 11, 12].
Spondyloarthritis is a group of chronic inflammatory diseases primarily affecting the axial skeleton with 0.5%-1.9% prevalence, making it one of the most common rheumatic diseases [6].
The axial skeleton contains the bones of the skull (nasal, frontal, parietal, maxilla, and mandible), vertebral column (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and caudal vertebrae), ribs, and sternum.
* Patchy sclerosis at most places in visualized axial skeleton. [Fig.
BMD was measured from the appendicular skeleton like femoral neck, and also in Ward's triangle, and for axial skeleton from L1 - 5 lumbar spines.
Radiologic evaluation of axial skeleton and also sternoclavicular region revealed no sclerosis and osteolysis and periosteal reaction formation.
Caption: FIGURE 2: CT of the abdomen showing numerous low attenuation lesions in the liver and spleen suspicious for metastatic disease along with soft tissue nodules in the anterior abdominal wall and numerous lytic lesions in the axial skeleton.
These lesions are usually found to be localized in the diaphysis-metaphysis junction and sparing the epiphysis and the axial skeleton [8-10].