axial rotation

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rotary motion of an object around its own axis

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Our study provides an example of an accelerometer in a proper orientation that can be developed technically and with the required accuracy of measuring the kinematics of axial rotations at night.
The axial rotation of c1 is associated with vertical translation.
Furthermore, although statistical significance was not found, Lindsay and Horton's (55) study did show that elite golfers tended to have greater axial rotation strength in the direction they normally swing a golf club (i.
Although, the prime movers during axial rotation are the external and the internal oblique muscles, some degree of rectus abdominis can be detected during trunk rotation.
The effect was explained as follows: these are the moments when Earth axial rotation changes its sign relatively its circumsolar rotation: since 6 am till 6 pm ("the day time") these rotations have opposite directions, and 6 pm till 6 am they are co-directed.
Schenkman reported that exercise (three times per week for 10 weeks) significantly improved functional axial rotation and functional reach in patients with the early and mid stages of PD.
In case of injury of the transverse ligament associated with a displacement of 5 mm of the atlas over the axis, the shift will occur at 45 degrees of axial rotation (6).
Problems inherent with typical 3D camera rigs such as axial rotation issues can be easily corrected," said Poirier.
Spokes orbit Saturn for a few hours, at the same rate as the axial rotation of the planet's magnetic field, before shearing out with their broad ends facing Saturn as electromagnetic forces gradually lose their grip and gravitational forces reassert control.
The spine functions to provide axial support and motion to the upper body, including flexion-extension, lateral bending and axial rotation.
The Helen Hayes marker set convention used in this study was reported by Schache and colleagues (67) to have a large degree of soft tissue artifact in calculating hip axial rotation.
As the subsequent reduction of pressure does not cause screw to return to a vibration-free axial rotation, it has been postulated that the origin of this behavior is the misalignment of the screw mounting in the gearbox sleeve, once the screw is deeply pushed by the die pressure it stay there independently of the pressure reduction.
A 3D finite element study published in the August 1 edition of Spine shows that the mobile-core design of the Charite artificial disc, which consists of two metallic endplates and a polyethylene sliding core, reduces facet loading by more than 50% when placed at or near the center of the disc space, while a fixed-core artificial disc increases facet loading when compared with an intact disc in axial rotation even when placed in an ideal position.
Dennis and his colleagues found that mobile-bearing knees allow for a wider range of axial rotation without creating excessive polyethylene stresses.
The heads have axial rotation of 45-degree angles, and the activation arm on rotating lever units can be repositioned at 15-degree angle intervals.