axial motion

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rotary motion of an object around its own axis

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(2009): "Viscoplastic fluid flow in irregular eccentric annuli due to axial motion of the inner pipe", The Canadian journal of Chemical Engineering, vol.
The system also has an enormous depth of focus; one can accommodate from infinity to a metre of so, with only a few mm of eyepiece axial motion, and in fact to within half a metre, but this will seriously cut down the aperture.
Axial motion of the screw oscillates the injection pressure, which better aligns the molecules to improve part strength, explains Prof.
Along with many other innovations in the areas of axial motion and input range, this led JVC to apply for 17 pulsating sphere technology-related patents.
The OFS will permit significant axial motion, making it ideal for applications where there is shaft float and thermal expansion.
This is explained by the fact that at the very beginning stresses are smaller and the slip condition accommodates axial motion even on the wall but leaves nearly unaffected the rest of the liquid.
A series of 12 stainless steel, zero-backlash, double universal joints with ball splines features telescoping extension slides designed for use where, owing to axial motion, the distance between driver and driven shafts may vary up to 6 mm.
A sample coupling available from Helical demonstrates how the flexing qualities of the Helical coil can compensate for angular, parallel or skewed misalignment, and provide axial motion, constant velocity and smooth bearing loads.
The second air line combined with the axial motion of the cutting file provides a floating head feature.
* Multiple spiral cuts also allow the couplings to accommodate angular misalignment, parallel misalignment and axial motion.
The multiple spiral cuts also allow the couplings to accomodate angular misalignment, parallel misalignment, and axial motion. The beam couplings are available in aluminum for low inertia or stainless steel for higher torque and added corrosion-resistance.
Liftoff and the double cartridge uses common springs, allowing for seal-adjustment to axial motion and the optimized drive minimizes seal face to seal cartridge hardware interaction eliminating low speed hang-up.
The worm-wormwheel gear, in which rotary motion around the axis of both gear links takes place, can be substituted with an equivalent gear, in which worm axial motion occurs without rotation--Figure 1 [Nieszporek, 2004].
Once the screw reaches the full-forward position at peak die pressure, its axial motion changes from a forward to a reverse direction, and die pressure begins to diminish.