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the handle of an ax

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He grabbed the axe handle and confronted his tenant Mateusz Tomaszewska with it when he turned up at his Crosland Moor home.
Instead, he subsequently showed up at a property on Rochsolloch Road, also in Airdrie, brandishing a pick axe handle.
He then hit him in the midriff with the pick axe handle, causing him to fall to the ground.
He smashed her living room window leaving glass over the garden and used the axe handle to remove a mail box from the outside wall.
From there, he raced to the Scotch Corner Services, near Darlington, and carrying the pick axe handle demanded cigarettes from Paul Noble, a shop assistant who was working alone.
She's off to the Isle of Wight to meet nine-year-old Imogen Hughes who, in 2012, found a stone covered with mysterious markings while on a school trip to Newchurch's Garlic Farm - and was later told it was a 5,000-year-old Neolithic axe handle. Then singer Katherine Jenkins (above) returns to her Welsh roots to meet French polisher Brian Gibbinson to talk to him about a jewellery hoard he stumbled across while walking in Boverton.
The hunting knife was about 7 inches long and fit in the end of the axe handle. It had a mother-of-pearl handle and snapped in place with a spring-loaded pin .
hold me tightly, hold me like an axe handle, hold me like a knife, hold
On April 1 just before 4:30 p.m., Bullock went to Foxx's house and evidently threatened her with an axe handle that "she had been using in the tracks of a sliding glass door to secure it." Foxx shot him with a gun that she had purchased specifically to protect herself from him, killing him.
There was a slight collision, leaving the Corsa trapped against a fence, before two men wearing boiler suits and balaclavas jumped out of the Volvo armed with a baseball bat and pick axe handle and began smashing the Corsa's windows and windscreen.
He had a small workbench upon which he would lay his treasures, as he used the bits and pieces to fashion a new axe handle, perhaps, or a butter churn or horse bridle.
We all know how important the "doe's foot" is on an axe handle. The handle is larger at the end to keep it from slipping through your hands.
Pete Wilson stood in the doorway of the University of California with an axe handle and single-handedly turned back the clock to 1957, after shucking his pointy robe for a Republican cloth coat.
Also in Atlanta, we meet "Big Gentry," a hard-drinking and not very bright laborer caught up briefly in the movement (to the dismay of his mama, who wanted only peace and quiet and her own piece of land), and Lester Maddox, who chased demonstrators from his chicken restaurant with an axe handle, then sold over 100,000 souvenir axe handles (and hammer handles "for the toddlers"), before running successfully for governor.
"An' 'specially don't oink." He poked at me with the axe handle. "Ma," he said, "call Sheriff Hanks."