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the cutting head of an ax


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Another hypothesis for the polish on the Stone Age corundum ax head is that the Stone Age people never had absolutely pure corundum, which indeed would have required diamond to polish ("In the Buff: Stone Age tools may have derived luster from diamond" SN: 2/19/05, p.
An archaeological site called EL Sitio in Guatemala contained an ax head of what's believed to be a god or king with an ear of corn carved into its forehead, a sure symbol of the Olmec presence.
An innovative aspect of the AX head is that TDI or a TDI-compatible sixth component is injected axially at low pressure into the mixing chamber through the small piston that cleans the chamber.
(8) CLAMP the ax head in a vise and file the original bevel as shown.
With the right hand I hold the heel of the ax handle; with the left hand I hold eight to ten inches from the ax head.
He also learned that he could contain the molten metal in a mold to form a shape like a knife, an ax head or a spear point.
While New York City ceded the property to the Federal government almost exactly 200 years ago on February 15, 1800, it had been used since 1624 as a fort, and officially purchased by the Dutch Governor of New Netherlands in 1637 from the Manahatas Indians for "two ax heads, a string of beads and a few nails."