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He was found lying near his idling car and pronounced dead at the scene, a broken ax handle nearby, police said.
Authorities found a fiberglass ax handle at the scene.
In the men's division, defending champion Craig Toevs of Cottage Grove saw his ax handle split upon impact with the target, much like a baseball bat shattering, during his final toss.
is beaten to death with an ax handle and his body left on a pile of burning tires by Steven Mullins and Charles Butler.
He said the crimes occurred during a single incident 15 years ago, when Lorenzini hit a woman with a 14-inch ax handle while trying to rob her.
When Steven Eric Mullins, 25, and Charles Monroe Butler, 21, were arrested for allegedly beating Gaither, 39, to death with an ax handle, law enforcement officials said the pair's reason was that "they got tired of him being gay.
Witnesses told police the suspects were carrying an undersize baseball bat and an ax handle, but it was unclear whether they were used in the attack.
Reveles grabbed the ax handle, leaped a backyard wall, and sprinted to Chen as other neighbors began circling the dogs.
Before the order was done, Altenbernd and his 7-year-old children had company, two pickup trucks of guys with ax handles and guns.
Ever since Southern restaurateur Lester Maddox brandished ax handles in the mid-1960s to make the case against laws that prohibit private discrimination, few have had the stomach to question the burden such measures place on individual liberty, much less argue that they impinge on constitutional rights.
There are hickory ax handles, mouse and mole traps, leather tool belts, paints, electrical and plumbing supplies, nails, nuts and bolts, and even a miniature windmill.