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having awns i.e. bristlelike or hairlike appendages on the flowering parts of some cereals and grasses


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As such, the chain was pleased to support AWNY for the third straight year and join in its efforts to promote awareness and prevention of the spread of HIV in New York City, the executives say.
(44) League of Advertising Women, "Advertising Women Minus Blue Spectacles," 1921, [7], carton 1, file folder 2, AWNY Papers.
Awny Ahmed, head of Commercial of Air Miles Middle East, says the new partnership will be well received by Bahrain's rapidly expanding membership base.
Chairman of the Securities Division at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FEDCOC) Awny Adulaziz said a number of brokerage firms are considering establishing holding companies in order to decrease expenditures and prevent halting the business.
PPSF Politbureau Secretary-General, Awny Abu Ghawsh, was arrested while passing Atarah checkpoint near the city of Ramallah on Wednesday night, said a PPSF press release on Thursday.
Awny Adulaziz, Chairmen of the Securities Division, said that the demands of some to cancel daily trading is hard to implement and must be settled by Misr for Clearing.
The supervisory committee is headed by Mohamed Awny Agor with Imam Mohamed, Al-Sayed Samaha and Mahmoud Magdy as members.
Accordingly, one of the company's top management executives, Awny Ahmed, who has been with Air Miles since it's Middle East launch in 2001, has now taken over the position of Head of Commercial, a newly created position.
Sameh Awny, a Lotus Air Cabin Crew Purser for seven years, confirmed this account to DNE: "They were four microbuses, they hit two of our people, one was badly injured, they also fired three shots, two in the air and one on the ground.
"We are delighted to welcome RadioShack and Telefonika to the Air Miles program," said Awny Ahmed, Head of Business & CRM Development, Air Miles Middle East.
Abaza and his business partner, Kareem Awny, explained that the story behind the store is a classic "if you want something done, you have to do it yourself." The idea for the store stemmed from their personal passion for comics.