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slender bristlelike appendage found on the bracts of grasses

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Foxtail awns, for example are more commonly acquired through the skin, generally in the feet, ears, or nose.
Awn is a close aide of Prime Minister Imran Khan and served as his political secretary.
Attached to the seed are long, fibrous awns, which are covered with microscopic bristles that are arranged in a single direction, like the teeth on a rasp or nail file.
Ratings Equalised with Parent: AWN's ratings are equalised with those of its parent, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS, BBB+/AA+(tha)/Stable), to reflect the strong links between the two companies, in line with Fitch's Parent and Subsidiary Rating Linkage criteria.
Some authors reported that hunting and working breeds had the highest prevalence because of increased grass awn contact [9, 21].
Chump change in the long run, especially considering some field-trial owners have spent tens of thousands of dollars getting to the bottom of their dog's grass awn ailment.
BEIRUT: Acclaimed Lebanese artist Rita Awn has worked in painting, sculpture, video installation and digital animation since 1993.
Under the terms of the agreements and upon close GCI will assume Alaska Communications' wireless subscriber base; services will be uninterrupted and will continue to operate statewide and nationally; GCI will purchase Alaska Communications' 33 percent interest in AWN and will then own 100 percent of AWN.
Auto dealers interested in offering LBT Vehicle GPS Trackers should contact their AWN representative to inquire about reseller authorization, the company said.
by Pajhwok reporter on 20 May, 2014 - 20:11 KABUL (Pajhwok): The Afghan Women Network (AWN) on Tuesday asked the Independent Election Commission ( IEC ) to increase the number of polling sites for the June 14 second round of presidential elections, urging females to widely participate.
The parent GD-153 remained best for spikelets per spike, grain yield per plant, spike density and GD-171 for spike length, while GD-102 for maximum awn length and grains per spike.
Adduned i'w gadw drwy gydol y flwyddyn: Boed blwyddyn newydd dda i chi Drwy gydol dwy fil un deg tri A gawn ni oll wneud addewid A chadw eto'n driw i gyd Cychwyn ein sgyrsiau yn Gymraeg Gan atal rhag tyroi i'r Saesneg Fel bo yma blant dwyieithog Yn rhugl wrth groesi'r hiniog Ein dyletswydd ni fel Cymry Cadw'n hiaith rhag cael ei llygru Fel gwarchodwyr iaith gynefin Yma'i chynnal a'i hamddiffyn Iaith sydd gennym i'w thrysori Peidio'i gwadu - ei chlodfori Awn i gyd, yn hen ac ifanc I arbed ein hiaith rhag ei thranc.
HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani met at Ritz-Carlton Doha Hotel the chairman of Jordan's House of Notables Tahir al-Masri, secretary general of Islah Congregation Party in Yemen Abdul Wahab al-Ansi, secretary general of Socialist Party Yassen No'man, secretary general of Unionist Nasserite Popular Organisation in Yemen Sultan No'man, former prime minister of Jordan Awn al-Khasawneh and member of the board of directors of the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies, and the special representative to the United Nations secretary-general in Libya Dr Tarek Mitri.
Hughes has agreed to serve as CEO and president of The Alaska Wireless Network LLC (AWN), a limited liability company to be formed by GCI and Alaska Communications (Nasdaq:ALSK).
Amman, Jumada II 3, 1433, Apr 24, 2012, SPA -- Jordan's Prime Minister Awn Shawkat Al-Khasawneh left here today for Turkey in response to an invitation extended to him by the Turkish government to attend the 50th anniversary Celebration of Turkish Constitutional Court.