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slender bristlelike appendage found on the bracts of grasses

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Awn explains her artistic process poetically, drawing parallels with the natural forces that create the beautiful stones.
Jordan's King Abdullah has sacked al-Bakhit and asked Awn Khaswaneh, an international jurist, to head a new government.
I erddi hynafol Aberglasne, yn Sir Gaerfyrddin, yr awn ni'n gyntaf heno yn y rhaglen Cyngerdd Aberglasne: Dathlu Prifysgol Y Drindod Dewi Sant.
Morphological characters such as number of tillers, grain per spike number, fertile tillers number per plant, 1000 grain weight, peduncle length, awn length, plant height, spike length, kernel number per spike, grain weight per spike and etc.
We will start with Pakistan, but if security is needed in other countries, we won't hesitate," The awn quoted the official, as saying.
Miron Properties announced the appointment of real estate brokers Rich Awn and Eyal Amir.
Summary: World Links Arab Region (WLAR) signed on Monday the 20th of July a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Education in Yemen and Al Awn Foundation for Development regarding the joint two-year World Links Teachers' Professional Development (TPD) Program in Yemen for 2009-2011, to train 1200 teachers in the Capital Secretariat, Aden and Hadhramout.
The lots on sale included works by William Morris, the mid-19th Century designer AWN Pugin, Charles Voysey, William De Morgan and Henry Stacey Marks.
Among the residents living nearby was 43-year-old Robina Awn, who said she spent the night attempting to calm her 15-year-old daughter.
The windows were designed 150 years ago by AWN Pugin, most famous for his interiors in the Houses of Parliament, and made by William Wailes in his Bath Lane premises for the church's opening in 1844.
If David Watkin is offended by seeing his name misprinted here, he could take consolation from the fact that AWN Pugin appears as 'NAW'; that Colen Campbell is 'Colin'; that Dominikus Bohm is 'Bohm'; that Sackler (of the Royal Academy galleries) is 'Secklar'; that Landseer's Trafalgar Square lions are attributed to Lutyens; that Liverpool's Anglican cathedral is referred to as a nineteenth-century building; that Saarinen's TWA terminal at JFK is captioned as 'New York Airport'; and that the Louisiana Museum for Modern Art is called on one occasion the 'Danish National Louisiana Gallery' and on another the 'Louisiana Danish National Gallery'.
The rough awn can be used to distinguish B1603 from Excel.
An awn that penetrates the skin between an animal's toes can cause an abscess in the area or migrate to remote locations.
Date of opening quotation: 05/19/2015, Time: 11:00, Location: Office of Forests and Natural Hazards, Schiers, Remarks: AWN region domination / PrEnttigau / Davos, SagastEngstrasse 96, 7220 Schiers