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shaped like an awl

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LEAF DESCRIPTION: 1/8" to 1/4" AWL-SHAPED NEEDLES that are both shorter and thicker than the species.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: 1/8" to 1/6" AWL-SHAPED SCALES, arranged in irregular CLUSTERS of 3.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: Tiny, AWL-SHAPED needles held tightly on branchlets; branchlets are flattened and lacy, forming sprays that are very ornamental.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: Leaves to 1" long and 1/4" wide, AWL-SHAPED and needlelike, pointed, crowded along the stems, OPPOSITE arrangement.
Major branches 3-6, more or less erect, somewhat flattened, cream-colored below, beige or tan upward; branching dichotomous to sympodial throughout; branches in 4-7 ranks, more or less erect, substrict, beige or tan, flattened; hymenium unilateral, sterile areas decurrent from axils; internodes diminishing gradually upward; axils rounded; apices awl-shaped to dichotomous, paler than branches ("chamois" to bone white at tips; 4B4).
surculus exhibit terete stipes and branches, and awl-shaped apices.
Apices flagelliform to irregularly awl-shaped, off-white ("pale pinkish cinnamon").
Apices elongate awl-shaped," pale pinkish cinnamon;" 6A2.
Scale-like leaves are OPPOSITE; awl-shaped leaves are mostly TERNATE.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: SCALE-LIKE, with awl-shaped leaves on juvenile branches.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: SCALE-LIKE on older branches, awl-shaped on juvenile branches, 1/16".