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Synonyms for awkwardness

Synonyms for awkwardness

unskillfulness resulting from a lack of training

the quality of an embarrassing situation

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the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are ungainly or inelegant

the inelegance of someone stiff and unrelaxed (as by embarrassment)

trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shape

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Her nearly monochromatic canvases of the early '90s, of adolescent girls who seemed not to know what to do with their breasts, self-evidently concerned their own awkwardness at being looked at.
That proved to be one of the wisest decisions Estes has made, because Sonnenblick's freshman awkwardness has turned into senior dominance this season.
But such passages of awkwardness are healthy for any artist, especially one who has derived great power from restraint and exactitude.
Domingo and Malfitano made the most of the sweetness and slight awkwardness of this scene, again finding the truth in it.
All his subjects are stamped with a stubborn awkwardness of drawing, which is eloquent in effort and dignity.
Wrongly cast, jarringly costumed and directed with a languid awkwardness by Arthur Allan Seidelman, this ``Kismet'' really should have been a knockout.
The work's emotional focus emerges in the artist's clear preference for a certain awkwardness or difficulty, both in his palette and in his draftsmanship, for the way a "wrong" note can complicate a composition.
Advertising experts say that awkwardness is a peculiar attribute of the national mood these days.
You can predict the awkwardness as Louisa and Martin (Caroline Catz and Martin Clunes, above) struggle through their first session in couples counselling.
If you are one of those confident people who can walk into a roomful of strangers and strike up a conversation without hesitation, awkwardness or a hint of self-consciousness, consider yourself lucky.
Very British Problems C4, 9pm More social awkwardness, as celebs like Ruth Jones and Stephen Mangan talk about all the bad things that happen when we leave the house.
00pm Light-hearted show based on the Twitter feed of the same name in which famous faces reveal how they struggle against the endless capacity for awkwardness that comes with being British.
THE coffin of Coronation Street's Hayley Cropper is taking centre stage to help people overcome the awkwardness of death.
His awkwardness makes his girlfriend Beth think his gambling addiction has returned - and so the farce continues.
At the same table, with a great dose of awkwardness, following the two-hour long tete-a-tete talks, they remained at two separate sides of the river called caretaker government.